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Auto-Posting via WP-Plurk & WordTwit

As you all noticed, currently the blog has been running for over 24hrs but still lack of some minor settings. Also, how to advertise, or say, “share" a blog is important.

So here’s something I just did a couple minutes ago…

TA DA~~~~~~!!!

AUTO-POSTING function through two tiny but handy plug-in: WP-Plurk and WordTwit !!!

I’m not going to go through the whole installation thing because it’s just easy, so I’ll leave those to you guys. What I am going to say is a small tweak if you are using these two microblogs together.

Plurk has already provided a way to connect your Plurk updates to Twitter, which can easily being set in your account settings. But if you are going to use it with WP-Plurk and WordTwit, then you will have two updates on Twitter due to the cross posting function from Plurk.

It is easy to solve this problem by adding !TW in front of the WP-Plurk settings (tell Plurk not to post this to Twitter), and I also made some changes to the default link, which turns out to be like:

[shares] !TW {{url}} ({{title}})

By the way, WordTwit is powered by a company named BraveNewCode Inc., and it provides WordPress design, consulting and theme developing, which is interesting to me for how much profit could those service make? Besides this, I love their theme and type of design, it’s totally a classic “web 2.0″ style website to me.

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