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Facebook Browser – RockMelt

On Thursday, Netscape founder and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Marc Andreessen declared his backing of startup RockMelt, which is building a new, “different” Internet browser that intends to pair with social networking giant Facebook to extend the “real identity” aspect of that company to Web browsing.

– ZDNet

A few days after the news of the next generation browser, which is claimed as a social network browser and Chromium cored, I got the early access from my friend (thanks MLChen) for RockMelt.

So here are some pics showing how the early access is and a quick sneak peak of RockMelt.

First I went to the official website of RockMelt and claimed the beta access. After that, my friend invited me into the beta from his RockMelt, then they will send a mail like this:

You recently requested early access to RockMelt. Your friend *** hooked you up!

Download Now

(This invitation will only work for you)

Your Browser. Re-Imagined.

Once the download is done and got installed, simply launch RockMelt and this will pop out.


Seems it is basically linked with Facebook, so you must have a Facebook account first.


Woot! So here we are! The Chromium based UI and skin.


The default homepage of RockMelt is showing its four main functions, including updates from social networks and feeds, web search, chat with facebook friends and offical news.




The following image is showing the friends window, where you can add favorites and read their current stats.


And Facebook updates, for sure.


My blog in RockMelt, nothing different then in Chrome.


Share in RockMelt. You could choose post in Facebook or Twitter.


Okay so this is pretty much most of the functions here in RockMelt.

Oh BTW! At your first startup, it will auto-detect which browser you are using and try to import bookmarks and settings.

Generally, RockMelt is like a Chrome with Facebook add-ons, I think most of the functions is not new weather in FireFox or Chrome. But a new browser related to Netscape’s founder is a big news. No matter this is profitable or not, lets see how RockMelt will be placed in this browser war! 微笑

Also, an official clip showing how this browser works in our normal lives.

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