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My thoughts about the new Apple Product: iPad

The show of Apple on 1/27 ends with a huge disappointment with those heavy IT users (or say geeks, lol). They criticized that this new iPad is not that creative to be claimed as a “Creation",  and its spec is also disappointing too, no multi-task, no USB port, no camera, and no Flash support. (I leave those spec tables to other websites if you have interest, lol)

This is true.

But in my opinion, it is a “Creation" of how they have combined those multi media things into one device.

Honestly, no new technologies have been created, but a new thinking of media player is what Apple trying to tell us, and this is what they did while they created iPod.

Why I said this is because of many things:

  1. Price – A stunning low price compare to any Apple product before, and also other similar device, i.e. Kindle, nook (ship on 2/12, lol, it’s dead), or even netbooks.
  2. App Store – By using the iPhone OS, it has over one hundred thousands of Apps which benefits a lot on the starting line, while other device could only display books or surf the net.
  3. Content – Through the new iBook app, it provides millions of books with only one click, and I think magazines or newspapers is also provided too.
  4. It’s Apple – Not to mention, this is the most important thing, with same price and content but Apple, the winner is clear, lol.

Anyways, I put a huge expect on iPad. I am an Sci-Fi fan, and these kinds of implementation is not a new tech but always not as those on the movies. To me, iPad is cool, smooth and well prepared.

So what do you think?

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