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iPad 2 is here.


Along with all the new hardware upgrades and the "Smart Cover", iPad 2 is finally coming today!

I’m not going to waste your time with those improvements, which you might already read a lot every where, but I’m going to talk about how Apple won the "post-PC" war since their first post-PC product – iPod.

During the Apple Event which they revealed iPad 2,  Steve Jobs claimed that their most successful three products so far are all non PC-like products, but are far more beyond that. They were trying to sell, or to teach us customers how to solve things or to use things in their ways and with their tools. It’s like they are selling us solutions of modern technology, and in a very short period they totally changed our life style.

Everything we are already familiar with in those Sci-Fi movies and novels came true. Just in these two years, we could easily drive home with GPS built in device, remote our fridge or microwave to take care of our dinner during the drive and also send some emails while we are waiting the traffic, and we are not even home yet. It is like a dream, unbelievable real and close to our lives.

But did we really invent something for all of these new crafts? In fact, none of those technologies are huge invention, if we take away the remarkable software and UI designs. What Apple did is just combined all of those elements and thoughts into something we would really easy to use and affordable, with some tweak and adjustments, the magical device arrives. iPad 2 is one of the perfect combination of all the features we may think of so far, and it’s weight and thin made the product an art work.

So what are you waiting for? Go in line and try to get one if you haven’t tried iPad before, I guarantee you will love it and can’t live without it anymore. Enjoy!

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